27 April 2012

Nailxchange Giveaway!!!

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Since I started following other bloggers, mainly nail artists, I have found they are a very generous lot who share their excitement with others through giveaways and contests.
I really love reading http://www.nailxchange.com/ because she not only swatches polish, she also stamps a lot. A new obsession of mine :)
And she has beautiful, and I mean, B E A U T I FUL nails.
Do visit her blog for she is celebrating her birthday by offering these beauties.

Cool or what? And please note the addition of MaxFactor Fire Fantasy (Awesome, ain't it!). Well, may the lucky one win!
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26 April 2012

Let's start at the very beginning

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Should I, should I not? This question has been swirling in my mind ever since I saw amazing international and Indian bloggers beautifully express their love for colours, whether it be nail polish, make-up or clothes. 
And here finally, I take the jump. I have decided to write about my love for colours. The black and white world has its own beauty, but colours.... well, what can I say? It is a different feeling all together. 
Sometimes I feel sorry for the men. For them, colours are simply red, green, blue. For us? Take a look at this photo someone shared with me on Facebook...

Funny, but true isn't it? 
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