25 November 2012

Floating on Floam

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Hi lacqueraders,

Do you ever get tired of a colour? I do. Red is my nemesis. Except for Barielle's Elle Spell which I sported here, there has never been a red I could stand for more than two days. And even that is a feat. I usually want to take it off as soon as I put it on *shrugs*.
I love the blue-green combination. Therefore, it was a surprise for me when I could not figure out what the hype about Floam was all about. I got Sticks and Stones from Ninja Polish and added Floam to the basket just to see why bloggers were going so gaga about it. Well, now I know... and how. Be ready to be picture-bombed!

Isn't this a beauty?! This polish was first frankened by Amy from the blog I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous. But Ninja Polish started producing it later with her permission.

 It has matte green and neon blue glitter with a smattering of yellow, too, in a clear base. The polish is thick, but it dries fast and hard. This one did not chip even after I sported it for over eight days! Do wait in between coats to avoid bald spots.

Since this polish has been around for some time now, I learnt that it was very hard to get off. So I layered it over my blue peel-off polish. This polish can be used as a layer polish with one coat or lend full coverage with three coats.

The finish is slightly gritty. The matte glitters do not shine. But I loved the way it looked and did not topcoat it. Also, like with all glitters, this one cannot be wrapped around the nails either. But that should not be a problem with this beauty's amazing staying power!

This is such a striking polish, everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone, will take notice. It has a very tropical feel. The photos do not do justice to its neon-iness. It will definitely grab eyeballs and compliments! 
Here's a macro shot to drool over:

Product: Floam

Brand: Nail-Venturous/ Ninja Polish
Collection/Range:  Floam  (Check out the other versions: Girly Floam, Humblebee Floam, Pinkerbell, Sunny Floam and Spooky Floam which is glow-in-the-dark!). 
Colour: Matte neon glitter in clear base
Finish: Slighty gritty
Qty: 15 ml
Price/Availability: $9 (Rs 500 approx). It is not available in India. Can be ordered through Ninja Polish.
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22 November 2012

Wishes and celebrations

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Hi fellow lacqueraders,

In India, we celebrate the Festival of Lights (as it called) by bursting crackers, drawing rangolis, meeting each other and wishing each other love and prosperity. I had painted my nails red and gold, but later, I stamped over it...

I stamped them with Revlon Gilded Chrome. My pinkie had diamonds (BM 09) and ornaments(OB 13) to show prosperity, the boom (CH 47) on the ring finger, the starburst (BM 202) and the explosion (BM 02) for the celebrations.

 The middle finger contained a design symbolising rangoli (BM 214). For those who don't know,  rangoli are decorative designs made using flowers, rice powder or coloured powder on the floors of living rooms and courtyards during Hindu festivals. Rangoli designs can be simple geometric shapes, impressions of deities, flower and petal shapes (appropriate for the given celebration), or  they can be very elaborate designs, too. These are drawn free-hand.

The pointer had peace and love wishes (OB 11). 

Did you like it? Thanks for visiting and don't forget to leave a comment!

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20 November 2012

Sparkly Diwali nails

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Hi Lovelies,

A belated Happy Diwali and a very prosperous New Year to you all. I am not fond of red (very un-Indian, I know) but when it comes to Diwali, I always associate it with red and gold  -- two colours considered auspicious not just by the Chinese but by Indians, too.
It was a given what colour I would sport on my nails. But it had to be sparkly to match the festive mood. So, ta da....

This is Maybelline Express Finish in Red Seduction, a creme, layered with Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell for an extra sparkle. 

As you can see  Bluebell is not a holographic polish but tiny multichromatic glitter in a light blue base. You could wear it on it's own but it doesn't build very well. Though I have seen bloggers layering this over a blue/purple base, I thought to try it out on a red. And it worked perfectly! 

Another bottle shot...

The jelly base was too light to change the colour of the creme polish. The formula is thick but not hard to work with. Layered over red, the glitters went from red, orange, to yellow and then a golden green. I love this polish! I will try it over other colours to see if the colour range shifts. 

The glitter is very easy to remove. And if you have one of the Chunky Holos (Candy, Poppy, Fuchsia, Scarlett, Clover, Teal, Purple and Bluebell) you do not need another. Unless it is Chunky Holo Black, which is truer to its name than the others considering it has chunky glitters. Swatch coming soon!

Product: Bluebell
Brand: Kleancolor
Collection/Range:  Chunky Holo 
Colour: Multichrome glitter in light blue base
Finish: smooth
Qty: 15 ml
Price/Availability: $1.75 (Rs 96 approx). It is not available in India. Can be ordered through Amazon.com, ebay.com and beautyjoint.com 

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13 November 2012

China Glaze releases Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away Collection

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Hi lovelies,

I have been seeing photos of the new Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away 3D collection from China Glaze in blogland. These polishes are so unique it is understandable what the excitement is all about. 

China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil collection

See, what I am talking about. The third, fourth and sixth polish could have easily been from an independent polish maker's stable. It is amazing how 'indie' productions are changing the way bigger brands are looking at polish.

ChG Cirque Du Soleil display
For this collection, China Glaze has teamed up Cirque Du Soleil to release 12 polishes inspired by the upcoming movie 'World's Away' which also features the artistic troupe.
Whirled Away seems to be a mix of matte white hexagons, matte black hexagons and matte black bar glitters. China Glaze sure seems to have caught on the 'indie' trend of black and white glitters. Considering how pricey indie polishes are, a bigger company making such unique beauties is always welcome.

Get Carried Away seems to be a glittery black nail polish with black and silver micro glitter mixed with larger hexes in red and silver. It seems sheer enough to be layered.

It's A Trap-eze (love the name!) is multi-glitter, kind of like Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday, NYX Carnival and OPI Rainbow Connection) in a white milky base. This is for those like me who love jelly sandwiches but don't want to bother with the hassle of layering on two-three colours. I did create something similar here.

Running in Circles is very fine glitter in a green base

Water You Waiting For is a mix of green and blue glitter in a sheer blue base. It seems to have a mix of fine and medium sized glitter. 
That is it with the glitters in this collection. Now for the cremes/shimmers.

Creative Fantasy is a dark bright purple.
Bend Over Backwards is a shimmery red polish.

Hanging in the Balance is a bright blue creme.

Surreal Appeal is a pink beauty.

Igniting Love is bright red creme.

Def Defying is a chartreuse green creme.

Escaping Reality is a hot pink mama.

Interestingly, the China Glaze Facebook page says the collection will be out on December 1. But they are already available on several online sites including transdesign.com.
I am most exciting about checking out the glitters in this collection. What about you? Don't forget to leave a comment.

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