31 March 2013

Holi God, That's bright!

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Hi girls!

Tomorrow is Easter and I will not have any time for anything except family and food! The two best things in life :) Don't you agree? But before that, here is the manicure I did for Holi.

For those who have no idea what Holi is, it is the Festival of Colours celebrated with great enthusiasm in most parts of India. People throw gulaal (coloured powder) and coloured water at each other. If you want to know why, check this link.

 Here's a closer look at the design. I painted on Colorbar neons in Pina Colada, Lime Green and Pink Lady onto a white base and then stamped on it with Konad Black using the Nail Craze stamping plate no 2. The Seche Vite really spoiled this look by smearing. But hey! How could I fret when this is what I was going to end up as?

So, did you like my Holi manicure? Don't forget to leave a comment :)

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30 March 2013

My favourite pink

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Hi lovelies,

I have entered a new challenge, the Girly Girl Challenge, thrown up by a member of the Indian Lacquer Lovers group on Facebook. And I have taken this up as a joke because anyone who knows me personally would never ever EVER associate the word 'girly' with me. I think I'd take it as an insult, too. But my love for polish has made me very tolerant... sigh. So, here goes...

What's this you ask? The first challenge is to 'Think Pink' and wear my favourite pink polish with nail art. And this is my favourite. Inglot 517, a gorgeous creamy matte pink. 
Isn't it the most elegant colour you've ever seen?!
As much as I use glitter, I have to say I love mattes. Maybe because it satisfies the impatient me. Mattes are polish-and-go polishes. They dry as soon as you apply and there... you're done. Thankfully, this one did not dry as fast as the Zoya, which meant I could apply it more carefully and avoid lumpy streaks.

You would think that glitters and nail art would catch people's eye. But you have no idea the amazing number of compliments I got for sporting this colour! This is such a work-appropriate choice for places that frown on loud nail colours. 
This is two coats. One coat is a bit streaky.
This looks lovely even with topcoat. But since I love the matte look, I kept it as it is.  Which means chipping, a problem with most mattes. 

Sorry for that picture... Just had to put it up to show how I made this manicure last for 10 days.

Yep. Glitter to the rescue. This one is Blonde Bombshell from China Glaze 3D collection. The uneven application is because I thought I could just paint the gradient on than sponge it over. Never again. 
But I love this combination. Do you? Don't forget to leave a comment and do check out the other participants. 

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16 March 2013

Rainbows on my tips

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Today, I have the most awesome polish to share with you. It's called Orly Sunglasses at Night and here's the reason why!

It looks as if the rainbows have settled on my fingernails. Sunglasses at Night is holographic bar glitter in a very sheer navy blue base. I used three coats here. These bar glitters are not thick and in your face. They are quite thin, like strings.

  It didn't seem as I if would get it opaque even with four coats of the polish, so I layered it over Colorbar Pro Phantom, a deep dark shimmering blue.  

 Interestingly, the polish also contains micro black matte glitter as you can see in this photograph. It is slightly gritty but not irritatingly so. The glitter is holographic, not in your face. But, oh lord, is it MESMERISING!

I just could not take my eyes off the magic going on, on my fingertips. The photographs has just not been able to do justice to the beauty of this polish. So, I decided to make a video. My first amateurish attempt, so please excuse the flaws and just check out the polish :)

I need to try it on another colour base to see if it has more potential. But I do love, love, love the way it already is. What about you? Don't forget to leave a comment. And please do check out other nail art fanatics from the Indian Lacquer Lovers group on Facebook.
Product: Sunglasses at Night
Brand: Orly
Collection/Range:  Glam FX  
Colour: Navy blue jelly with holo bar and micro black matte glitters  
Finish: gritty   
Qty: 18 ml    
Price/Availability: $4.25. Available on transdesign.com and other US online nail supply stores
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9 March 2013

Magnificient nails

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Hi lovelies,

Today I bring to you a polish that was true to its name: Magnificient Sea by Colorbar. I say 'was' because Colorbar was foolish enough to replace my glowing blue beauty with a crappy dusty blue Frankly, I would have loved the new colour if it had been launched as a new bottle instead of replacing the old one. But that was not to be. Sigh.

 See what I mean when I say glowing beauty? I really don't know what to call this shade of blue. It belongs to Colorbar's Pro range. The brush is wide, which might be problematic for people with small nails. I find it a bit unwieldy, too.

Do you see the shimmer in the bottle? If not, catch it in the swatch below.

I had taken these pictures a while ago and even posted one on Facebook. However, since it never made it to the blog, I am rectifying my mistake.
This will probably be the only time you see this polish here because I broke my bottle accidentally after I applied it just once. Boohoo... But I am saving the photograph here (hopefully) for posterity :P

As you can see here, I stamped it with Revlon Earthquake using a plate from the new Bundlemonster set. Revlon Fast Drys are pretty neat to stamp with.
So, did you like this colour as much as I did? Pssttt.... if any of you have an unused bottle of the old Magnificient Sea lying somewhere, you know where to find me :)
And don't forget to leave me a comment... 

Product: Magnificient Sea (old) Brand: Colorbar
Collection/Range:  Pro
 Colour: Metallic blue Finish: shimmer, smooth Qty: 15 ml Price/Availability: Rs 350. Not available. Colobar retained the name but changed it to a  dusty creme blue :(

For stamping:
Revlon Earthquake
Plate: Bundle Monster 314 (curlicue design)

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2 March 2013

Enchanted nails

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Hi lovelies,

I apologise for being AWOL. If you've been following my blog, you will know about my finicky internet connection. I decided to take another recourse so I would not lose you guys. I am blogging from another computer.
My blogger friend Dimpal Rathore from Crazy Polishes started a new Facebook group called Indian Lacquer Lovers. The nail art posted by some members are so ah-mazing, you have to see it to believe it. To cut a long story short, Dimpal came up with the idea of having a regular Friday feature for ILL. So, here goes...

Isn't this a beauty? Green jelly gorgeousness. 

And squishy holo-ey gorgeousness. 

If you haven't guessed till now, this beauty is NYX Enchanted Forest twice layered over Revlon Forest Green. 

 Enchanted Forest has tiny, medium and large holographic glitters in a thick, light green jelly base. Application was easy though you might have to fish out the large glitters. The thick base ensures that the glitters look suspended instead of sitting flat on your nails. 
The Revlon Forest Green is a green forest green creme. It dries darker than the shade in the bottle. It is not a one coater. Two thick coats should do the trick. WARNING: It stains like a biatch. I loved this combination but the Revlon stained my nails YELLOW through two coats of peel-off polish! UGHH!
Oh, btw, if you are looking to buy the NYX, there are two versions out there with this same name. Be sure you are getting the chunky glitter and not the fine glitter polish. 

Product: Enchanted Forest
Brand: NYX Girls
Collection/Range:  Regular
Colour: Large, medium, tiny green holo glitters in light green base
Finish: Jelly, smooth
Qty: 12 ml
Price/Availability: $2.25 (Rs 125 approx). It is not available in India. Can be ordered through beautyjoint.com and cherryculture.com

Product: Forest Green
Brand: Revlon
Collection/Range:  Regular
Colour: Dark forest green 
Finish: creme, smooth
Qty: 12 ml
Price/Availability: Rs 140. Easily available at any store selling Revlon or shop online. 

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